healthy soil

a man holding a flashlight looking at a large wall of soil

as gravity, wind, and water weathered rocks into smaller and smaller pieces, soils began to form on Earth, supporting greater and greater complexity and diversity of life!

healthy plants

a close up picture of an avocado hanging from a tree

healthy soils are teeming with microbes, hard at work, making nutrients available to plants. water and air flows through them easily and they tend to be resilient in the face of disease and drought.

healthy people

a woman in front of plants playing in a water spraying in the air

healthy plants and animals provide the base for a healthy human diet. the food we eat provides the building blocks that make up every cell of our bodies. you, literally, are what you eat!

healthy communities

two kids smiling while they wash their hands

sustainable farming can revitalize whole communities, providing jobs and secure access to food. gardens also bring communities together, empowering people with tools of self-sufficiency and uniting us on common ground.

healthy economies

a jar of coins with a sprout growing from it

soils produce the raw materials that form the base of our global economy. improving soil health can reduce input costs and increase yields, which means more stable food prices, and more profit in the grower's pocket!

healthy planet

a view of the Milk Way with silhouettes of trees in the foreground

healthy soils silently deliver ecosystem services that support life as we know it. healthy soils filter our air and water; protect against floods, sequester carbon; reduce pest and disease pressure; and encourage biodiversity.

soils are fundamental to life on earth.

if you eat food you depend on soil

an aesthetic arrangement of red fruits and flowers

soils are fundamental to life on earth.

if you wear clothes you depend on soil

a plant laid on a gray fabric

soils are fundamental to life on earth.

if you drink water you depend on soil

a clear view underwater of the ocean floor

soils are fundamental to life on earth.

if you breathe air you depend on soil

a glass building sitting alone in a backdrop of clouds

soils are fundamental to life on earth.

if you live in a shelter you depend on soil

a building with plants and trees on every level

soils are fundamental to life on earth.

if you use medicine you depend on soil

a cup of medical pills

soils are fundamental to life on earth.

if you enjoy the outdoors you depend on soil

a man running in a dry hillside
a man watering a wall of soil and roots in a pit

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soil does so much for us,

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we are on a mission to change the way the world looks at soil-digging into what's dirty and calling into question what's clean.

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we believe in change from the ground up! by starting at the root of some of our most pressing global issues, we aim to promote environmental and human health across the globe!